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10 x South American Farm-bred Butterflies | A1 Unmounted Specimens


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You will receive ALL of the following butterflies;
1 x Siproeta stelenes, 1 x Urania leilus, 1 x Rhetus periander, 1 x Eurytides servile, 1 x Historis odius, 1 x Zaretis itys, 1 x Haetera piera, 1 x Heliconius melpomene, 1 x Heliconius doris, 1 x Calicore sp.
A Collection of 10 South American Tropical Butterflies - dry-preserved unmounted tropical butterflies, unlabelled.
Vivid bright colors to natural earthy tones. Including a variety of sizes from small, medium to large.
This collection is exclusively South American.

No CITES or protected species.

You will receive ALL of the following butterflies;

1 x Siproeta stelenes
1 x Urania leilus
1 x Rhetus periander
1 x Eurytides servile
1 x Historis odius
1 x Zaretis itys
1 x Haetera piera
1 x Heliconius melpomene
1 x Heliconius doris
1 x Calicore sp.

This pack includes common farm-raised butterflies, all butterflies and insects are ethically sourced from butterfly rearing projects, in-turn providing rural villages income and an alternative to slash and burn agriculture.

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