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THE GIANT CENTIPEDE (SCOLOPENDRA SP), Real Specimen Mounted Under Glass, Wall Hanging Frame 10 x 5 Inch

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The frame measures approximately 270 x 120 mm

Environmentally friendly
These natural gifts don't just look great and stimulate a passion for the natural world, they also protect the environment and support conservation efforts and community initiatives through butterfly and insect farming.

Every insect presented in the frames has died of natural causes, as part of our ethical farm business model.

An ideal gift
These insect frames make a great gift for insect lovers of all ages - A wonderous curiosity ideal to hang on your wall at home, or perfect for schools, college or youth club projects.

Insect frames make a fascinating study in art class, science or biology. Support learning initiatives and stimulate a passion for nature with real framed insects and butterflies. These natural curiosities make a fantastic talking point and can provide a real aid to educators and teachers.

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