Unmounted Real Dried Taxidermy A1 Butterflies Wholesale

Unframed Butterflies: Dried, Unspread, Unmounted, Loose

Quality: A1 (Excellent to very good)

Species: Assorted butterflies from India, Thailand, Laos, Malaysia & Indonesia.

Pack size from 50+, larger wholesale quantities are available from the drop down menu below.

What are unmounted taxidermy butterflies?
These specimens are dried with their wings closed together, wrapped in paper and unmounted. This is also referred to as Papered Specimens, Loose Specimens and Dried Specimens.

See a youtube instructional video here:

Ideal for:
- Art
- Craft
- Education
- Displays
- Scientific
- Taxidermy
- Museum

We supply unmounted loose and dried insects that meet the standards required by insect collectors and training institutions such as Schools, Universities and colleges for scientific experiments and projects. This has enabled us to offer a sanctuary for our customers' who love to collect insects and also to the various training institutions offering education at different levels.

Our A1 unmounted loose dead dried Insects specimens are natural; our specialty with insects has enabled us to source the best quality. We always ensure that we provide perfect A1 specimens in their best natural state and form and with no damage at all. This is why we highly recommend the use of our loose unmounted dried insects for you as a collector of insects and you as a provider of training and education.

It is important to note that our insects are ethically farmed making them similar to those that grow in the wild. We have a collection of hundreds of various species so that you can have variety to choose from. We also breed insects in large production scale to ensure that we have continuity of supply to our customers’ specific needs.
We not only emphasize on the quality of our A1 insects but also on the cost benefit. Our loose unmounted dried insects are very competitive in price as compared to the framed products – majorly used for art. So whether you are looking at improving your training experience or to enhance your collection profile we have the right insects for that specific need.

Place your order today with us and get to enjoy the use of these wonderful unmounted dried insects in your institutions of learning and collection. Simply click on the order link or contact us through the contact us link. And one of our sales team will be happy to respond to your enquiry immediately.


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