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WHOLESALE PACK (12 UNITS) Three Butterflies Framed | Butterfly Specimens Mounted Under Glass in a Wall Hanging Frame 9 x 5 In. Gift Boxed


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WHOLESALE PACK (12 UNITS) ASSORTED FRAMED BUTTERFLIES, EACH PIECE UNIQUE! These special ethical butterflies in frames are supplied in a custom gift box. Ready for you to gift to friends, family, or to yourself! The frame measures 9 x 5 inches. This real dry-preserved butterfly collection is mounted under glass in a wall hanging frame. Unique in everyway, framed butterflies are guaranteed to spark joy, and look stunning displayed in your home office, nursery, bathroom, bedroom or man-cave. The possibilities of design are endless.. some of our customers have incredible collections displayed on a theme wall in the living room, or on a wall along the stairs. Butterflies bring to your home color, design and can inspire a passion for the natural world and learning in young people. Every butterfly frame is unique, this means the frame you receive will differ from the photo, so please only use the photos as a guide. The actual butterflies vary from season to season.