A large collection of 54 dry-preserved unmounted tropical beetles, coleoptera (#B5)

A large collection of 54 dry-preserved unmounted tropical beetles, Coleoptera, some duplication.

Total Quantity: 54 specimens

Species in this packet include:


01 x Prosopocoilus elaphus (Kampong Raja, C.Highlands, Malaysia 06/2003) 

01 x Hexarthrius mandibularis (collected Mt. Dempo, Sumatra 04/2004) 

02 x Panglaphyra duboulayi (collected Malaita Prov. Solomon Is. 01/2005)

02 x Goliathopsis duponti (collected Doi Pui, Chiang Mai, Thailand 03/2004)

02 x Meroloba suturalis (collected Lampang, Nth Thailand 05/2004) 

02 x Golofa pelagon (collected Cochabamba, Arani, Bolivia 20/2004)

02 x Dorcus saiga (collected Ceram Is., Maluku. Indonesia 02/2005)

02 x Trigonophorus faveiceps (collected Chiang Mai, Thailand 09/2004)

02 x Chalcodes ursulae (collected Puncak, S.Sulawesi, Indonesia 03/2005)

02 x Eudicella smithi bertherandi (collected Kayanza, Africa 05/2004)

02 x Coelodera homimani (collected Kintele, Congo 10/2003) 

02 x Chalcodes hamdshayi species (collected Makki, Sulawesi, Indonesia 04/2005)

02 x Coelodera helleri (collected Sibolangit, Sumatra, Indonesia 07/2004) 

02 x Coelodera diardi (collected Tapah Hill, Cameron Highlands, Malaysia 02/2004)

02 x Protaetia tenuivestis moser (collected Palopo,C.Sulawesi, Indonesia 06/2004)

02 x Neptunidae polyhorus manowensis (collected Njombe District, Ininga Region, Southern Tanzania 04/2006)

02 x Ischiopsopha hyla (collected Aseki, Morobe Prov. PNG 03/2004)

02 x L. (Oncosterna) bivittata (collected Pulu-pulu, S.Sulawesi, Indonesia 17/03/2005)

02 x Chalcodes baderi (collected Pulu-pulu, S.Sulawesi, Indonesia 03/2005)

02 x Ingrisma burmanica (collected Prae, Thailand 04/2004)

02 x Thaumastopeura agni (collected Nias Is. W.Sumatra, Indonesia 06/2004) 

02 x Fruhstorferia tamdaosensis (collected Mt. Tam-Dao, Vietnam 04/2004) 

02 x Prigenis viridiaurata (Tapah Hill, Cameron Highlands, Malaysia 03/2004) 

02 x Chalcodes lecourtry (Makki, Sulawesi, Indonesia 08/2005)

02 x Aegus acuminatus (Doi Pui, Chiang Mai, Thailand 06/2004) 

02 x Glycyphana sinuata (Mt. Argopuro, East Java, Indonesia 08/2005)

02 x Diloboderus abderus (collected Geberal Rodriguez, Bs.As. Argentina 02/2004)

02 x Clinteria ducalia (Tapah Hill, Cameron Highlands, Malaysia 05/2004)

Very good condition. (A1/A1-)

No CITES species.

Shipping is insured for loss in transit.

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