Exotic Framed Praying Mantis - Mulberry Silk Lining


Introducing our new and striking hand crafted framed insect display that has a new silk lined extra deep frame for a quality and professional feel to this beautiful piece of museum quality entomology.

The benefits of owning this high quality and handcrafted framed insect display is that it will keep this ethically sourced praying mantid in perfect condition so that the coloration will remain vivid and pleasing to the eye.

Furthermore the beautiful and new silk lined extra deep frame allows you to pick from a variety of silk colors thus helping to adapt this wonderful collectible to any room. This gives interior designers and collectors alike a distinct advantage when it comes to placing this piece when designing their perfect room.

This product is also easy to hang on any wall with our specially made chain-link to the rear of the frame that is both secure and incredibly quick to use.

With free worldwide shipping this is simply a must have item for collectors and interior designers alike.

Silk lined box frame
275 x 250 x 50 mm

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