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Limted Special Offer WHOLESALE 500 x Unmounted Assorted Butterflies | Thailand Species, Various Sizes | A1/A1-


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Inspire your creativity with these beautiful ethically sourced butterflies, we source from rearing projects and through ethical collecting methods that support native habitats in Thailand, in-turn providing rural villages income and an alternative to slash and burn agriculture.
We offer a large variety of dry-preserved unmounted papered butterflies, many are included in this assortment. There will be some duplication and specimens are unlabelled. The quality is A1 to A1-, in other words, excellent condition.
Common attractive mixed butterflies with vivid bright colors to natural earthy tones. Including a variety of sizes from small, medium to large.
Our butterfly starter packs are suitable for beginners and professional entomologists, simply send us a message with your requirements.
We supply entomology hobbyists, renowned artists, museums and entomologists, art and craft makers on Etsy, insect macro photographers, taxidermists, the media, and educational institutions.