Unframed Beetles, Insects and Other Invertebrates for Collecting and Identification.

BugsDirect dried insect collections are for scientific study and personal collections. We offer a wide assortment of dried and unmounted insects and invertebrates. These are popular with entomologists of all ages, schools, universities, wildlife parts, zoos, artists and jewelry makers.

You will receive unidentified common species from South East Asia. Many also include collection data such as location but all are unidentified (eg. we have not labeled any with their scientific names).  This is all part of the fun and adds to the joy of insect collecting. 

The quality of the species is very good (A1/A1-). You will receive whole insects that are suitable for mounting and displaying in boxes, frames and trays.  


We also offer a selection of very high-quality airtight display boxes for which the insects can be pinned and displayed within. Click HERE to view the range of boxes, frames and trays.

Most of the insects in these packs are from Thailand but we also source species from other counties...   get in touch with us if you have specific requests. 

Wholesale quantities are available from the drop-down menu.

We do not trade in endangered or threatened species of any kind.

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