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World's Largest Cicada Species 7-8" Wingspan | Megapomponia merula | HUGE MEGA GIANT Spread Specimen A1

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1 x Megapomponia merula A1 Best Quality Spread Specimen. 7-8Inch+ Wingspan.
Collection data: Malinau, North Kalimantan, Indonesia (02/23).

A1 best quality extra large specimens of the giant cicada family Megapomponia. Suitable for entomology collecting, studying, framing, photography, art works.

Megapomponia is a genus of cicadas from Southeast Asia containing the world's largest cicadas species.
Megapomponia atrotunicata
Megapomponia castanea
Megapomponia clamorigravis
Megapomponia imperatoria
Megapomponia intermedia
Megapomponia merula
Megapomponia pendleburyi
Megapomponia sitesi