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A Pack of 10, 25, 50, 100 Ethically Sourced Butterflies | Assorted Unmounted Butterflies, Lepidoptera, Entomology Farmed Specimens WHOLESALE

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Inspire your creativity with these beautiful ethically sourced butterflies, we source from rearing projects and through ethical collecting methods that support native habitats in Thailand, in-turn providing rural villages income and an alternative to slash and burn agriculture.

Various lot sizes are available including packs of 10, 25, 50, 100. Please contact us for wholesale quantities of 500+.

We offer a large variety of dry-preserved unmounted papered butterflies, many are included in this assortment. There will be some duplication and specimens are unlabelled. The quality is A1 to A1-, in other words, excellent condition.
Common attractive mixed butterflies with vivid bright colors to natural earthy tones. Including a variety of sizes from small, medium to large.

Our butterfly starter packs are suitable for beginners and professional entomologists, simply send us a message with your requirements.  We supply entomology hobbyists, renowned artists, museums and entomologists, art and craft makers on Etsy, insect macro photographers, taxidermists, the media, and educational institutions.