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50 'Second Grade A2' Real Dry Butterflies | Imperfect or Damaged | Assorted Unmounted Worldwide Butterfly Specimens WHOLESALE

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SECONDS..DAMAGED SPECIMENS..BUTTERFLIES WITH IMPERFECTIONS AND DEFECTS..REDUCED TO CLEAR.. What is A2 SECOND GRADE? This means damaged or otherwise imperfect butterfly specimens. The butterflies are still presented with care and great quality packing, it's just they will have damaged antenna, legs, wings or other small imperfections. They are typically purchased by artists and hand-crafters who do not always need perfect A1 quality specimens for their collections. They are also great for practicing butterfly spreading techniques.

Inspire your creativity with these beautiful ethically sourced butterflies, we source from rearing projects and through ethical collecting methods that support native habitats in Thailand, in-turn providing rural villages income and an alternative to slash and burn agriculture.

We offer a broad variety of dry-preserved unmounted papered butterflies, many colours and sizes included in this assortment.

Attractive mixed butterflies with vivid bright colors to natural earthy tones. Including a variety of sizes from small, medium to large.

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We aim to dispaatch within 48 hours.

We also supply entomolgy pins, spreading boards, tweezers and display cases.