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Real Butterfly Artwork

 Real Butterfly Artwork 

Real Framed Butterfly Displays

How To Display Framed Butterflies and Moths At Home

There’s no better way to get close to nature while adding unique charm to your home than with a framed butterfly or moth display. With so many varieties of butterflies, unique displays, and multiple frame sizes you can find framed butterflies and moths to accent any room.

Framed Butterfly Papilio blumei

Here are a few things you should keep in mind if you plan on purchasing framed butterfly displays in your space:

Why Display Framed Butterflies?

If you are looking for unique home décor, framed butterflies are the perfect option. Because there are so many types of butterflies and moths in the world, you will be able to find a display that perfectly suits your space. Whether you are looking for something bold such as a banded blue morpho or you want to find artistically crafted displays that add a unique sense of style, you will be able to find something suitable.

Not only do framed butterflies make visually impactful home décor, they allow you to get closer to nature by bringing it inside your home. Framed butterflies and moths are also excellent conversation starters for guests and make perfect gifts.

Framed Butterfly Morpho achilles

Best Places To Display Your Butterflies And Moths

There are a lot of options when displaying your framed butterflies and moths. Ultimately they should be treated like you would art, placing them in areas that you want to create visual appeal and used to tie a room together. For small displays, consider hanging them in a pattern along the wall.

If you want to truly create a unique accent piece, you may want to hang a large butterfly display. Instead of a single butterfly or small collection, there are many framing options that have huge collections of butterflies and moths that are perfect for large walls.

Framed Butterfly Madagascar Sunset Moths

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