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2 Pack's Cooked Edible Large Scorpions (Heterometrus Longimanus) *Special Offer*

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SPECIAL OFFER 2 BAGS (One cooked scorpion per bag)!

Every part of the scorpion is edible, but we recommend removing the pincers because they are tough. We also recommend removing the venom bulb. The meaty torso is the best-tasting part.

The scorpions are hygienically processed in our HACCP accredited factory. They are flash frozen, cleaned, and boiled. After boiling they are machine dehydrated for more than 24 hours.

Shelf Life: 1 year from date of manufacture

Ingredients: Heterometrus Longimanus scorpion (approx 4-6g after dehydration). 

Nutrition Data:

Based on one whole medium sized scorpion.

1. Energy 24kcal

2. Protein 4.5g

3. Fat 0.5g

4. Carbohydrate 0.4

5. Salt 0.1g

All of our insects are collected fresh from GAP certified farms and then cleaned, quick frozen, dehydrated, seasoned and packed in a special vacuum pouch with an oxygen absorber ready for shipping. The insects can be eaten straight from the bag.

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