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Real Butterfly Collection | 3D Wall Frame Taxidermy Dry-preserved Butterflies 340x295x30mm

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This hand-made entomology butterfly display consists of real ethically sourced butterflies which have been mounted onto a white background with the butterfly's names shown below. This display also features a hand-made wooden frame, which is attached to a wall mount for easy display purposes.

A truly beautiful butterfly taxidermy wall frame that is both timeless and elegant in every way.

This butterfly frame measures approximately 340 x 295 x 30 mm

We only use ethically sourced butterflies in our taxidermy butterfly art, we do not use CITES-listed, endangered or threatened species of any kind.

If you are looking for a unique natural history gift then this framed butterfly collection could be the ideal choice. Linking in with the interior design trend of taxidermy and the natural world, these real framed butterfly home decor displays are beautiful, ethical and highly original.

Each handmade butterfly frame we make is unique, the butterfly frame pictured is for example only, the actual butterfly frame you receive will be slightly different from the photo shown here due to seasonal availability of individual specimens but please be assured will look very similar.