Yellow Dragon in BLACK Frame
Yellow Dragon in NATURAL WOOD Frame
Red Dragon in BLACK Frame
Red Dragon in NATURAL WOOD Frame

Draco is a genus of agamid lizards that also are known as the Flying Dragons. The ribs and their connecting membrane may be extended to create a wing, the hindlimbs are flattened and wing-like in cross-section, and a small set of flaps on the neck serve as a horizontal stabilizers.

While not capable of powered flight they often obtain lift in the course of their gliding flights. Glides as long as 60 m have been recorded, over which the animal loses only 10 m in height, which is quite some distance, considering that one of these lizards is only around 20 cm long.

Beautifully mounted and displayed in a hand made see-through double glass frame with wall mount.

The frame measures approximately 270 x 130 x 35mm

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